The Green Screen

Until recently I did not know what a green screen was. I don’t even own a camera so you can see why the lack of this knowledge did not make me any more ignorant than what I presumed I was. So the thing about green screens is that when one is filming in the Chroma key, you use a green screen or a blue screen in the background. This allows one to change the background when and how one pleases. The reason the colour green or blue is used is that they differ most distinctly to the human skin colours.

Now this is information I may not use in the near future (remember no camera, no love for Chroma key!) but the green screen for some reason keeps popping up in my thoughts. I sort of found a pattern to this thought and here is what I discovered. Every time I think of forests, nature or look outside my window at the sparse tree tops; I think of the green screen. And for one I think about them a lot being a small town girl and all. Yes I know it seems obvious. But the real deal is that the green screen that was naturally given to us has depleted drastically. By this green screen I mean the forests, the water, and the natural resources so to speak. Every year the trees are replaced with another apartment complex promising the green or another factory promising more comforts.  And surely why wouldn’t we use them? It is for sure the correct way for human life to evolve and advance.

So I spent some time reading about what we have done to Mother Nature in the name of comfort and technology. What I read did not make me a happy person. It left me wondering if I belong to a generation that has evolved to enjoy these pretty looking, technically advanced and comfortable but has become weaker mentally and physically. It has made me think every day if we are less resilient than the generations before us. At this point I don’t want to throw statistics, facts as caution in the wind because I know you will agree with some of this. How would you not? The newspapers, internet, televisions are talking about it all the time!

Well, frowning on how I felt about the loss of the green screen somehow did not seem like a solution to me. Somewhere in this time, I was asked if I was doing anything for the greater good of the society, world, earth or whatever other larger unit I belong to. The answer is no. I am not doing any greater good, not even as much as throwing positive energy into the universe. I wondered what I could do for a while now and here is what I decided.

Somehow the thought of making a difference to the world seemed like a lost cause to me. So I broke the goal down into smaller milestones. The first milestone would be to vote for being green myself! Its time I looked beyond the comfort I have in everything around me and start with small tasks to build the green screen. This blog will be my diary of the small changes I will make constantly to build that green screen little by little. And if you read something that catches your attention and you think you can easily make that change, I will consider it my green deed of the day.

So here I resolve to vote for all that’s green and some that can be!